Thank you for purchasing this template. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to visit our forums. We will do our best to be helpful to you.

Some very useful Tips how to work better with the Theme, please read!

Maybe many of the questions are already answered in the open Ticket System or in the FAQ's
Do not start from scratch, use an existing page from the demo files and modify it to learn how the Theme works
Explore the live demo for page ideas and sample code
Use Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools to detect Classes and Javascript Conflicts

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files.

  1. Read first file to avoid problems that are often happening!
  2. Documentation - this is the file you have open at the moment, please read carefully to understand
  3. Quickstart - upload all of these files to your FTP and open your choosen Domain in your Browser, the installation process will start
  4. Piece-by-Piece
    1. Components - This folder contains Main Components we have used in our Demo (not required to install, optional)
    2. Modules - This folder contains all Modules we have used in our Demo (not required to install, optional)
    3. Plugins - This folder contains all Plugins we have used in our Demo (not required to install, optional)
    4. Template - This folder contains the Main Template (required, of course)
  5. PSD Files - all necessary PSD Files for this Template

Some basic Informations, choose your skills


You have never used Joomla and have no experience how to use this Conent Managment System? So please have a look at the below Informations:

• About Joomla
• Learn Joomla
• Getting Started
• FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
• Find the information you need
• Find help and other users
• Post questions at Joomla forums


You have used Joomla a few Times and have experience in using this Software. In best case you have build a few other sites with Joomla and maybe have used a few other Themes for Joomla? So you will have really no problem to setup this Theme.

If you have a few other Questions you can contact us over our Support Forum (see also the big Button above)


You are a Joomla Professional and have much experience with Joomla, maybe you're a developer which have no time to build an own Theme. So you will be in a position to really easy modify this Theme to your needs. Simple PHP Code and easy CSS.

Feel free to modify this Theme to your needs, change the Code or general functions, but be careful, no support for modifications

The full Requirements for using Joomla can be found directly on the Joomla Website. Please CLICK HERE to see the detailed informations.

Please note: The Main Difference between a Quickstart and a Piece-by-Piece Installation is the following: a Quickstart is easy to use, it contains a Joomla Version and all Extensions are installed and pre configurated! A Piece-by-Piece Installation means you first must install Joomla, then the Theme and configurate it, then the Components and configurate it, then the Modules and configurate it, the the Plugins and configurate it and then creating the whole pages, menus, basic settings and so on! So we recommend you to use the easy Way.

ATTENTION: It's not possible to install the Quickstart Package inside of Joomla or after your default Joomla Installation!

The Easy Way (strongly recommended)
Installing with Quickstart Package (Full Clone of the Demo inclusive Joomla)

That's the easiest Way to get a full working responsive Website. Please start like this:

  1. Create a fresh database. (Tutorial for cPanel, Tutorial for Phpmyadmin)
  2. Upload the Quickstart Files to your Server using a FTP Client (like Filezilla or Transmit)
  3. Navigate with a Browser to the Domain or Directory where you have uploaded your files (for example The Joomla Installation will begin automatically
  4. Follow the Instructions from the Akeeba Installation Step-by-Step
  5. Done, after these simple Steps you have an exact copy of the Demo Website

The Long and Hard Way (NOT recommended)
Installing Joomla Piece by Piece (Template, Components, Modules and Plugins)

First at all, you need to install Joomla as Basic System (no special Theme, no special Components, no special Modules). You can download Joomla here:

Download Joomla 3.3

After downloading your favourite Joomla Version, please follow the Steps on the Joomla Installation Tutorial Site.

After you have installed the Basic Joomla System you can start to modify it for your needs or like in our Demo, here's a Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Installation Tutorial for Joomla 3.3

The next step after you have installed Joomla is to manage the Template. For this please navigate in the Joomla Backend under in the Top Menu to Extensions - Extension Manager. There you will see a Field for uploading and installing a Extension or Theme. Please select the SmartOn Theme ( for your given Joomla installation and click the Button.

After installing, please don't forget to set the SmartOn Theme as Standard Theme, this can be done under Extensions - Template Manager by clicking the default Button. Now you can start to configurate it like you want.

Please note: These are only Screenshots for the Theme Options, you also have for every Field an Tooltip with an declaration. Simply hover over the Fields to see it!

Log in into the Joomla Backend and navigate on the Top to Extensions - Extension Manager. There you can select a ZIP-File where the Extension include! Simply choose the given one and press 'upload & install'. But please note: if you choose the Quickstart Package you must not install the Extensions seperatly, they are all included and configurated yet!


XMAP - Xmap is Component for creating a HTML and XML Sitemap for Search Engines. It's also used to display a Web Sitemap for Overview. Choose the Component XMAP to install, it's a installer Package and includes not only the Component, also the needed Plugins are installed with this!

Unite Revolution Slider 2 - Drag and Drop Slideshow Component! Please remember to turn jQuery loading to OFF inside of the Module when using

Roksprocket - A important Component from Rockettheme, with this Component (can be found under Modules) many Elements on the site are made of, for example the Portfolio, Sliders, Carousels and much more. It's recommend to use it.


SmartOn Accordion - This Module is like the Name allready said, for creating a Accordion

SmartOn Error - This Module is for displaying a nice 404 Error Site, details for using can be found directly inside of the Module

SmartOn Googlemap - This Module is for creating a Google Map with many options

SmartOn Page Preloader - This Module is for creating a Preloading Effect on the Site, this can be useful for Sites with large Content

SmartOn Parallax - This Module is for creating a Parallax Area, it's not used very often, cause it works also with Shortcodes

SmartOn Pricing - This Module is to display a Pricing Table on your Website with a lot of options

SmartOn Sitetitle - This Module is used to build a custom Sitetitle on a Page for example with Parallax Effect and Breadcrumbs. It works as Inner Header

SmartOn Social - This Module is to display the Social Links for example on Top Right like in the Demo or at the Bottom of the Page

SmartOn Tabs - This Module is like the name allready said for showing a nice Tab Switcher for Content

SmartOn Team - Display a Team Member with different Layouts and a lot of options

SmartOn Testimonial - Use this Module to display your Customer Testimonials as a Carousel Function

SmartOn Useful Block - This Module is to display the Blocks with a Icon above, it's used on very much sites

Advanced Twitter - Use this Module to display a Twitter Feed on your Site

QL Form - Awesome Form Module to create Web Forms to send as Email


SmartOn Shortcode System - VERY IMPORTANT PLUGIN - This Plugin is our self developed Shortcode System for Joomla, without this a lot of functions are NOT available, so please make sure that this is installed AND activated (Joomla Backend under Extensions - Plugins).

SmartOn Shortcode Button - VERY IMPORTANT PLUGIN - This Plugin is our self developed Shortcode System Button Plugin for Joomla, without this it will be hard to use our Shortcodes. So please make sure that this is installed AND activated (Joomla Backend under Extensions - Plugins).

SmartOn FontAwesome Button - This Plugin is to see all acvailable Icons in the last Font Awesome Version

Rokbox - This Plugin is to use the Lightbox inside of the Theme, it's recommend to install and use this Plugin

See here all available Module Positions of the Template.

Shortcodes are easy to use everywhere in your Content or in nearly all Modules. Simply click on the integrated Shortcode Button in Joomla editing, and copy the Shortcode into your Content. Modify it to your needs, save, and see the stunning effects. For a small demonstration how they work exactly please refer to our Demo Video above, there you will see how easy it is to use and integrate them.

Check this Section for often asked Questions about functions and details.

That's easy to solve, navigate to Modules and go inside the Main Menu Module. Please select at the 'Show Sub-menu Items' the option 'YES'
Simply Answer: NO - most Extensions for this Theme are developed for this Theme only, so they will not work on other Themes cause they have other CSS and Javascripts. Also some Extensions need specific Template Overrides.

We're sorry, but this isn't helpful for you, cause so you will never learn how Joomla works. Trust us, it's very easy to handle. Please have a look at the following Links to learn handle Joomla:

• About Joomla
• Learn Joomla
• Getting Started
• FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
• Find the information you need
• Find help and other users
• Post questions at Joomla forums

No problem. Simply create a Module and give them a fictive Module Position like 'my-content-module' or something else, release it under 'all pages' or only on the page you need it. After that, jump to your Article and call the Shortcode {loadposition my-content-module}, save and ready.

When you want to place a Module inside an Module you must use the following Shortcode {module-in-module position="my-content-module"}

So, we're really sorry about that but please don't be angry. In most cases it's cause you haven't understand how this Theme works. Please visit our Support Forum and we will help you with your Problems.

For this case, we recommend you to use Firebug Addon from Mozilla to find the Class or the ID were must be changed and enter your new Values in the Theme Manager in the last Tab or enter them directly in the app.css of your Template folder.

We have done our best to give you the best compatibility for third Party Extensions but we're sorry, there are thousands available Extensions for Joomla and we can't test every one! In most cases the error comes from Javascript errors OR conflicts with different Bootstrap Versions. Please note: we can not give support for conflicts with third party extensions.

Please visit our Support forum and ask for help. Please told us as much details about the Problem as you know. Joomla Version, Theme and what's the problem.

Sometimes, we are, but not often. Please mail us to and we make you an offer for your needs.

We have used the following Recources and Scripts:


Scripts and CSS