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This Joomla Portfolio Module provides you with a flexible and expandable and stunning looking Portfolio for your Website with Filter and Sorting Function. More then 1.000 Customers can't be wrong!

Screencast Demo Drive Compare with WS-Portfolio Menu

Attention: WS-Portfolio Menu is available!

This Joomla Portfolio Module works on all devices like Desktop PC's, Tablets like the iPad and Smartphones like iPhone or Android. The size and design fits always to your Website and the Viewport. There are 2 Steps in the resize Progress.

In our new Admin Panel inside the Joomla Backend we have added a lot of new Options to control the Portfolio, also Headlines and Texts to help you to setup the Joomla Portfolio within a few Minutes.

You can set up to ten Main Filter Items where you can sort your Portfolio Items for. Also a Main Category for displaying all Portfolio Items as needed. Of course you can add several Filter ID's to one Item.

In WS-Portfolio you can add up to 50 Portfolio Items, create them easily from the awesome Joomla Backend of this responsive Joomla Isotope Portfolio Module. Also you have the possibility to add more using the Coding field.

With this Joomla Portfolio Module you have the option to hide your content in a toggle which is only visible when the element is clicked. It's made with a nice Callback Function, after you click the Toggle Button the Portfolio is sorted new in a nice animated way.

You can set a optional Link Tag for every Item to fully control the Link of the Portfolio Item. Examples are Tags to open the Link in a new Window (target="_blank"), important SEO Tags (rel="noindex, nofollow") or a HTML5 Data Attribute (data-rokbox for example when using the RokBox2 Lightbox).

You can choose several Columns for each Portfolio, you can choose between a 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, 6 Columns or a 12 Columns Portfolio.

On each Entry you can activate the Highlight Function for a Portfolio Item, this Item will be having the double Size then all of your other Items, no matter which Column Width you have choosed. Of course it's dynamically based on the Columns of your Joomla Portfolio.

You can create as many Portfolios on your Site as you need, for example add a Portfolio for your best Logos, and add another one for your best Websites you have created.

It's possible for each Item to add several Filter Tags, means one Item can have only one Category, or also two or more.

We have added also many Features that are well for the SEO of your Site, the whole Content is visible for Search Engines and the Image have a Valid Alternative Tag.

The Buttons for the Reordering (ascending, descending or shuffle) can be easily translated in the Joomla Backend

The Filterbar can be controled seperate, means you can activate or deactivate the several Filter Options. Also it's possible to add a custom CSS Class for the Filter Bar, this can be very useful if your Template has already some nice Buttons included.

The most Animations of this Portfolio Module are CSS3 driven, so you got less Code but high flexibility and the option to easily change Animations. For older Browsers there's a jQuery Fallback available.

To have a absolut conflict free experience we have added a lot of methods to load the jQuery Scripts into your Template, it's really easy.

You can choose how the Joomla Portfolio should be sorted for default, but also it's possible two activate two Buttons that users can Sort it manually. Also we have added a Shuffle Button for a random Ordering of the Items.

This Joomla Portfolio Module have been tested with a great variety of different Themes, so no worry about if this Module will work on your Site.

This Joomla Portfolio Module have a lot of options, but not all you have seen in the Demo is included for default and controlable with the Backend just by clicking a option! But really no worry, we are here to help you with every problem! Examples that aren't included are:

The Lightbox isn't included for default, you can use a free Plugin or purchase one of our Plugins

Some Elements you see in the Demo need some custom CSS, but no worry we will help you

In the Backend are 50 Elements possible, more need to be done with simple HTML

Version 1.2
+ New Admin Panel
+ Updates for Joomla 3.2
+ added Column System instead of percentages
+ added new jQuery loading options
+ general CSS Fixes
+ added Option to disable all Filters
+ added Option to add unlimited Items through HTML Code
+ added Documentation and FAQ to the Module
Version 1.1
+ Added much more options and items
Version 1.0
+ First Release of the Joomla Portfolio Module