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Easy to use Calendar Module for Joomla, works with iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

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Default Calendar View as Joomla Module and as source the iCloud Calendar
List View from iCloud as Joomla Module
Calendar Detail on click in the Joomla Calendar Module

WS-iCloud Calendar is a simple but extremely powerfull Joomla Calendar Extension as Module. The Main Source is the iCloud Calendar, but it's also possible to use Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar with the iCloud Addon.

We have also checked a lot of Calendar Extensions for Joomla for our Projects and Clients but haven't found a Module that was easy to use and not bloated with 100 of unneeded Features that make a Extension to complex to manage. So we have decided to build our own, simple to use and setup takes only 2 minutes.

Features of WS-iCloud Calendar Module for Joomla

Works perfect with iCloud Calendars from Apple (online and offline)

Tested with Google Calendar and also works great

Also working with Microsoft Outlook and the iCloud Addon

Calendar is already translated in 60+ Languages and RTL ready

Flexible Calendar API

The Calendar API was build for iCloud but we have tested it also with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook with the iCloud Addon. For more Details about usage please check the FAQ at the bottom of the Page. We have tested with:

  • iCloud Online
  • iCloud Calendar Client for Mac
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook with iCloud Addon

Simple Cache Function

If your Calendar has a lot of entries there is really a lot to get from the API so we made it possible that you can activate a smart Cache for the Events which is fully controlled by you.

Event Calculation base

A very smart and flexible Feature is the way how to display the Events. You can enter the calculation base, for example the current day.

And then set the days before and after, so for example you can display 3 Events before the current day and 10 Events after the current day to hold your calendar simple and not overfloated.

But of course it's also possible to display all events or only events in the current month.

Date Format

The Date Format can be easily controlled in the Backend and is suitable for nearly every Country, no matter if you're from Germany or United States.


Icon Fonts

It's possible to load the required Font Awesome Icon Font or you can disable it when your Template already loads a Version to prevent the Double Loading of the Icon Font.

Of course you can also easily update to a newer Version if there is one available.

Custom Text before and after the Date

It's also possible to include some kind of Text before or after the Date, this can be useful for some Countries or for example if you want to include a small message after the Date.

Translate in every Language

Nearly every Element at the Calendar or the PopUp can easily be translated. The Calendar is pretranslated in a lot of Languages and the other Strings can be translated in the Joomla Backend directly in the iCloud Calendar Module.

Layout Functions

For default only one Layout, the Calendar Layout, is available. But for developers which have some skills in PHP it's also possible to create own Layouts, for example simple Lists or similar. This is also working with the default Joomla Template overrides.

Calendar Views

There are 9 predefined Calendar Views to choose from. With a simple Dropdown you can define your favourite Calendar View for the Joomla iCloud Calendar Module.

Week Numbers

It's also possible to display the week Numbers in the Calendar View. It's your choice to display them and in which way. They can be turned off, included inside the Calendar or displayed in a seperate Column.

Day Management

In the Backend you can decide at which day the Calendar should start. For example for some Europe Countries the Week starts at Monday and in some other Countries the week starts at sunday.

Also it's possible to hide some days where you not want to display, for example hide the saturdays and the sundays when you have no Events at the weekend.

RTL Layout

The Calendar is also working for Countries which have a Right-to-Left Layout. Simply decide in the Joomla Backend to set RTL Management to on.

Calendar Header and Footer

The Calendar Header and Footer can be completely customized by you. You can turn them off (of course seperatly) or turn them on and customize them. We have included a rich Documentation inside of the Module how to setup them.

Calendar Colors

Colors can be easily changed from the Backend of the Joomla iCloud Calendar Module. Event Background, Border and Text Color can be changed individual for a perfect integration into your site.

Fully Responsive

This Joomla iCloud Calendar is fully responsive and works at all devices. You can also enter several Breakpoints in Pixels when the Module Height should be resized. Or enter custom CSS Media Queries in the custom CSS Section.

Popup included for Event details

It's also your choice to decide what happens when a user clicks a event. For default a Popup (very similar to a Lightbox, made with Magnific Popup) appears with some Details where you can enter in the iCloud. But it's also possible to disable the Popup.

Popup Header

The Header of the Popup can also be easly customized. You can disable the Header, show the first found Image of the Event (when uploaded some to iCloud) or display a Google Map for the Location of the Event.

Image Header

When choosen the Image Header, our Module will look for the first found Image (JPG, PNG or GIF) in the Event and displays it in the Header which looks really awesome.

Google Map Header

When the Google Map Header is active, there appear a lot of new options! For example you can control:

  • The Height of the Google Map, depending for the Width
  • The Zoom Level for the Map
  • If you want to have a default or a grayscaled Map
  • A overlay for the Map to disable Google Map functions and scrolling, removeable or permanent

Fields for the Popup View

For the Popup View you can easily define which fields are displayed. Of course empty fields are always hidden but you can also control all other which have content.

  • Display the Event Location
  • Display the Event Description
  • Display the URL and decide how to open the Link, in the same window or in a new window
  • Display all attachments (not supported for Google Calendar) and decide how to open them
  • Show the Start Date
  • Show the End Date

Popup look and feel

The look and feel of the Popup (means the appearance) can also changed in the Backend of the Module. There are also some useful options like:

  • Popup With in Pixels
  • 7 different Popup Animations for In and Out
  • Header Background Color
  • Header Text Color


In the Backend there is a CSS Area where you can easily add your own CSS for the Joomla iCloud Calendar Module, this field can override all the default CSS.


New Backend

For the general Module we have developed a new and professional Backend for Joomla cause of better overview. More controls and better look.


Awesome Support

We love our Extension and our Customers, this is why we provide you with a awesome Support, also if you want to have some optical changes, we can easily help. But please note, we don't support conflicts with 3rd Party Extensions.

Changelog of WS-iCloud Calendar for Joomla

Version 1.0

+ First Release of the Joomla Calendar Module

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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