WS-Nivo for Joomla

Responsive Lightbox as Joomla System Plugin with Touch Support and many available Features

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This awesome Joomla Gallery and Lightbox Plugin is build with the Nivo Lightbox, a powerful and flexible Media Viewer for responsive Web Design. Powered with on-the-fly Thumbnail creation, a lot of styles and very many options.

Features of WS-Nivo

Simple and powerful responsive Joomla Lightbox

Create automatic Thumbnails

Touch Support on Desktop & Mobile

Works everywhere on your Site

Easy to setup, simple Joomla System Plugin

Lightbox everywhere

This Plugin is developed as System Plugin, so it will work everywhere on your site using a very simple HTML5 data-attribute. It's really so easy.

Opening Effect

You can choose between several Animations for the opening of the Lightbox, all powered with CSS3.

Many Media Types

A Lightbox for all Content Types you want to have to. Single Images, Image Galleries, Flash, Videos from YouTube and Vimeo and also iFrames.


This System Plugin generates Thumbnails on the Fly, choose your own Prefix and a custom Folder for storage.


Five different Thumbnail Styles are included to match best for your Website, control them also with shortcodes.


Type in your own Image Dimensions for every Joomla Image Gallery, simply type in your Width for best match.


Images, Videos and iFrames are opened in the awesome Nivo.js Lightbox with Keyboard Support and included Image Captions for responsive Sites.


You can also set a limit how much Images are shown in each Gallery or don't use it to show all Images completely.


There are three options to order your Images, use ascending, descending or simply chosse an random Order for Gallery.


Also we included a rich and very helpful Documentation directly inside this nice Joomla System Plugin so you can see how it works.


It's so easy to include a responsive Image Gallery, load Images to Server and place a Shortcode inside your Article. This will also work inside Modules or in Source Code cause it's a System Plugin.


Simply give your Images a file name before uploading them to generate some nice captions in Lightbox View.


This Joomla Lightbox works on all devices like Desktop PC's, Tablets like the iPad and Smartphones like iPhone or Android. The size and design fits always to your Website and the Viewport.

Admin Panel

In our new Admin Panel inside the Joomla Backend we have added a lot of new Options to control the Gallery, also Headlines and Texts to help you to setup the Joomla Gallery within a few Minutes.

Mulitple Galleries

You can create as many Galleries on your Site as you need, also it's possible to have multiple Galleries on the same Page, for example one at the Top and one at the Bottom.

SEO Options

We have added also many Features that are well for the SEO of your Site, the whole Content is visible for Search Engines and the Image have a Valid Alternative Tag.

jQuery Loading

To have a absolut conflict free experience we have added the option to enable or disable the jQuery loading.

Works everywhere

This Joomla Gallery System Plugin have been tested with a great variety of different Themes, so no worry about if this Module will work on your Site.

Changelog of WS-Nivo

Version 1.2

+ Added: Touch Support for Desktop and Mobile
+ Improved: better YouTube & Vimeo Support with Autoplay Feature
+ New: better and more modern Lightbox Theme for Retina Displays
+ New: fixed scrolling for Background
+ Improved: better CSS Styling
+ Improved: better HTML Inline Support
+ Updated: newest Version of Nivo jQuery Plugin

Version 1.1

+ added Documentation and FAQ to the Plugin
+ added new Admin Backend and more Informations

Version 1.0

+ First Release of the Joomla Gallery Plugin

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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