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The ultimate Portfolio Extension for Joomla with awesome Features and 100+ Options to control the Portfolio for your needs

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This Joomla Portfolio Module provides you with a flexible and expandable and stunning looking Portfolio for your Website with Filter and Sorting Function. More then 1.000 Customers can't be wrong!

You ask what's the difference between WS-Portfolio and WS-Portfolio Menu? Or don't take care about and let's have a Test Drive.

Features of WS-Portfolio Menu for Joomla

Joomla Portfolio Solution with 100+ Options

Perfect to build a Portfolio with Joomla

Easy to setup, simple Joomla Module & Plugin

Unlimited Portfolio Items

Unlimited items

You can add as many Items as you wish to the Portfolio, we have tested with 100+ and it works awesome, only keep a eye on the file size of your Images.

Up to 30 Filters

Filters Now 30 possible

You can setup up to 30 Filters in Version 1.4, with a name and a unique ID. Also you can add several Filters to one Item that when you Filter a Items appears in more then one Category.

Different Item Layouts

Item Layouts

We have included 11 Item Layouts for your Portfolio Items. You can choose them easily in the Backend with a visual preview how your Portfolio Items will look like.



Your Joomla Portfolio will be fully responsive! You have the full control when the Portfolio shrinks and how many Columns on which device should be visible.

Copy Items

You can easily copy Items in the Backend, so you could make one Master Item and the only copy it and modify each to your needs, less work, more power.

Filter Layouts

Filter Layouts

You can choose between 4 Filter Layouts, default Bar, simple Dropdown, Slide Out Bar and a in-content-bar (stamp function) when you activate the Filter function.

Isotope Stagger

Stagger Transition

A new and awesome Feature in Version 1.4 of the Joomla Portfolio Extension. Staggers item transitions, so items transition incrementally after one another.

Link to Filters

Link to Filters

Many customers have asked us about this Feature, now you can Link to a specific filter easily by adding a simple Hash Value to the URL. New in Version 1.4: the Hash Value has the same Name like your Filters.

Column Control

Column Control

Easily change the Column Value for the Joomla Portfolio for each device. Possible are the following Columns Values, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12. Build with Bootstrap.


If you are having a really big Portfolio you can also activating the Pagination Feature, simply type in how many Elements should visible on one Page, done.

Reorder Items

Reorder Items

Now you have the possibility to manually reorder your Items in the Backend. Simply drag and drop them to the right position, save and done.

Colors Items

Color & Appearance

Full color-primary and Appearance Control over the Backend of the Joomla Portfolio Module, see the above Screenshots for all options.

Active Filter

Active Filter

Also many customers have asked after this. Now you can set the active Filter to another one then the all Filter. For example show directly the 2nd Filter.

SEO powered

SEO Power

You have the control over all. You can set Headline Types, use unique Alternative Texts for your Images, give Links a title, Google will love your Joomla Portfolio.



For each Portfolio Item you can use your standard WYSIWIG Editor, no matter which one you have active, none, TinyMCE, JCE and many many more.


Lightbox included

In the WS-Portfolio Menu we have included the awesome Fancybox 2 Lightbox and properly licensed (15€ benefit for you). Show Images, YouTube, Vimeo or iFrames.


Limit Items to X

We have also added the Feature to limit the Items that will be displayed. For example you can show the last X Items on your Startpage and link to the Portfolio, nothing must be done double.


Image Overlays

You can choose between 8 different Layouts for the Image Overlay Buttons, or simply use none, it's your choice. Also full color-primary and Appearance Control for the Overlay Buttons.


Disable Filters

It's also possible to disable the Filter Bar completely, so you can use the Portfolio as a simple Grid System to display important things, but without filter.


Disable show all

This was also a customer request. Now you can disable the Show all Button, this can be useful when your Joomla Portfolio starts directly with Filter 2 for example.


Sorting Buttons

You can enable or disable the Sorting Buttons to give your customers the possibility to reorder the Portfolio. Also you can choose Icon or Text for the Buttons when active.


Shuffle Button

It's more fun then useful, but if wanted, you can activate the Shuffle Button, on Click the Portfolio Items get shuffled. Really useless but looking great.

Gutter Width

Gutter Width

In the Backend you now have full control over the Gutter Width, you can set the Margin for the Values in the Backend by simply changing the Pixels for the Items.

Asc or Desc

Asc or Desc

Your Items can be shown in ascending or descending order. Simply change it in the Backend, that's all.

Original or random

Original or random

Also it's possible to change the ordering for the Items in Frontend this way: Sort Original Order means they will show like the order in Backend or they should be random each time.



If you have a lot of Images in the Portfolio we have included a small Preloader Function, it will fade away when all images are loaded. Also you can setup your own custom preloader Image.


Plugin and Modules

This time you have on each item the content prepare function from Joomla, now you can load other Modules and Plugins in the Portfolio Items. But keep in mind, nothing with dynamic content!


Transition time

You have full control over the Transition time of the whole Portfolio. When the Filtering or sorting of the Items is too slow for you, enter a higher Value.



It's possible to animate the Items when they become visible, you have all effects from animate.css and you can simply choose one in the Backend of the Joomla Portfolio.


RTL Layout

We have also made some basic settings that you can use the Joomla Portfolio on RTL Sites, not all is done as we are no experts with RTL but the hardest things are done.



This Module should work with every other Component to create awesome SEF URL's, means you can simply Link the Portfolio to another Article and the Article will get a SEO ready SEF URL.


Highlight on Click

A great Feature for highlighting a Item and make it larger. When you click a Item, it will get double size or full width size. This is also full controlable over the Backend.


Toggle Content

There are 3 Layouts with a Toggle Function, similar to a Accordion. Try the Demo 1 to see what we mean. Also you have 10 predefined Layouts for the Toggle Icons.


Disable Items

You can also create Portfolio Items and temporarily disable them and when your Project is done, one click to activate and it's shown.



In the Backend there is a CSS Area where you can easily add your own CSS for the Portfolio, this field can override all the default CSS, best of all, it will be automatically compressed.

Custom Classes

Custom Classes

You can give each Item a individual CSS Class, so if you have some small skills in CSS, you can give each Item other color-primarys, other Fonts, other Paddings and much much more easily.


Icon Fonts

It's possible to load Font Awesome Icon Font or Simple Line Icon Font and define the Version which will be loaded. So you are always up to date. Or disable it when your Template already loads a Version.


jQuery Control

For default jQuery loading is disabled as it's loaded by Joomla 3 for default. But if you run into problems, you can also load a copy of jQuery to the Module.


Load Scripts only

This Feature can be useful if you want for example use the Lightbox of the Joomla Portfolio Module on another Page. With this option, only CSS and Scripts will be loaded, but no output.


Access Control

This Joomla Portfolio Module use the default Joomla Access Control, individual for each Item. So you can hide some Portfolio Items for Users which aren't registerd. Build a extended Portfolio for registered users only.


Multiple Portfolios

You can add as many Portfolios as you wish on each Website, but please keep in mind that it's not possible to use several Copys of the Portfolio on the same Page.


Gallery included

There is also a nice and easy to handle Gallery Plugin included like you see in our Demos. This lightweight Gallery Plugins comes with a lot of Options and is specially made for the Joomla Portfolio


New Backend

For the general Module we have developed a new and professional Backend for Joomla cause of better overview. More control, color-primary picker, Icon Picker with search and much much more.


Awesome Support

We love our Extension and our Customers, this is why we provide you with a awesome Support, also if you want to have some optical changes, we can easily help. But please note, we don't support conflicts with 3rd Party Extensions.

Setup of WS-Portfolio Menu for Joomla

Changelog of WS-Portfolio Menu for Joomla

Version 1.5

+ Fixed: Bug with some Joomla 3.8.x Versions
+ Improvement: general code cleaning and compatibility improvements with other templates
+ Improvement: Lightbox shows only items in gallery of the current active filter *

* many thanks to Denis Gherstoga for his wonderful solution 

Version 1.4

+ New Option: Stagger Animation for Filtering
+ Improvement: now are 30 Filters possible
+ Improvement: Filter Hash Value works now with the Filter ID Name
+ Improvement: again Touch Improvements for some Devices
+ Improvement: reduced File Size and faster loading
+ Update: Font Awesome to 4.5
+ Fixed: Bug with Duration for One Time Animation

Version 1.3

+ New Option: Pagination is now included for larger Portfolios
+ New Option: Image Zoom on Hover can now turned off
+ Improvement: Preloading works now much more better
+ Improvement: some Margins and Distances
+ Improvement: some general Styles in CSS
+ Fixed: a error where in some rare Cases a Scrollbar appears
+ Added: Update Server

Version 1.2

+ Fixed: Bug with Touch Support, no highlighting or marking of Text was possible
+ Fixed: some Typo Errors in the Docs and Descriptions
+ Fixed: wrong Template Default Value for the Gallery Plugin and wrong Documentation
+ Fixed: sizer Element now always gets active
+ Fixed: toggle Text was not possible on some mobile devices
+ Fixed: set a Lightbox Template as default

Version 1.1

+ Fixed: a Bug with the file linking when Joomla is installed in a subfolder
+ Fixed: a Bug with the first Element when using the Click to highlight function
+ New option: it's now possible to load another Icon font (simple line icons)
+ New option: it's now possible to disable the Touch Support of the Lightbox
+ Improvement: better CSS support for other Templates
+ Added: small PDF manual to start with the Portfolio
+ Added: Demo 10 with Highlight function

Version 1.0

+ First Release of the Joomla Portfolio Module

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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