The ultimate Joomla Template is now available. We have invest over a half year of Development in this awesome Joomla Template that will fit to all of your needs. What are you waiting for, grab your copy now and create a stunning Joomla Site.

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With WS-Infinity we have created a awesome and incredible to use Joomla Template for all Users who love to create awesome Pages and like to control everything. It's a really multipurpose Joomla Template which can be used for every Type of Sites, no matter which Business Type.

We have invested really a lot of Love in this Template. More then 6 months Development Time and 100+ Options are only some small Features of this ultimate responsive Joomla Template. Let's have a Test Drive.

Features of WS-Infinity Template for Joomla

Joomla Template with 100+ Options and 100+ Shortcodes

Modern and Multipurpose Joomla Template, fits to every Business Type

Easy to setup, simple Joomla Template with own custom Joomla Modules and Plugins

Revolution Slider included

Revolution Slider included

For endles Possibilities the Unite Revolution Slider is included in this Template. It has a awesome Drag and Drop Function for Layers and is very easy to handle.

Module Positions

22 flexible Module Positions

We have included 22 Flexible Module positions in the Template at every place you maybe need to include a Module.

Unlimited Colors

Unlimited Colors

It's very easy to use your own Colors for this awesome Joomla Template. Simply jump to the Template Settings and choose the Colors you needed.

Wide and Boxed Layout

Wide and Boxed Layout

It's also possible to choose between a Wide Layout and of course a Boxed Version. With Boxed Version you have also a lot of Options for the Background Settings.

Google Fonts

Use all Google Fonts

It's so easy to include a new Font to this Joomla Template. You can choose between Websafe Fonts and all available Google Fonts. You can also use another Font for Headline then for the Body Font.

Toolbar Options

The Toolbar on Top can be enabled or disabled in the Template Settings. There you will also find two useful Module Positions where you can place Links or maybe the Language Switcher if needed.

Logo Settings

Logo Settings

We have included three diferent Types of Logos that can be included. Use simple Text (also possible with Shortcodes), Text and Image or include only a Image as you want.

Menu Types

Flexible Menu System

The Menu is very flexible. You can choose between default Dropdown Menu with many Levels or you can create a Mega Menu with different Options. Also it's possible to add Icons before or after every Menu Entry. Menu can also be sticky if wanted.


Sitetitle Control

The Sitetitle is a awesome Function in this Joomla Template. There are really a lot of Options to control the Appeareance. It can be turned off generally or only for specific Pages, the Name can be individually controlled for every Menu Item and a lot of other Options are available. Backgrounds, Colors, Parallax and much more. It's really a Key Feature of this awesome Joomla Template.

Footer Settings

The Footer of this Template can be controlled over the Backend and is very easy to use. The current Year can, if wanted, also be displayed. In the right Side of the Footer the is a placement for a Module.

Favicon Settings

Favicons for all Devices

We made it really easy to add Favicons for all Devices with the help of a simple Tool. You will really love it. Upload one Image and the Tool does the Rest of the work for you.

Error Page Settings

Error Page Settings

With this Template it's no problem to have a custom 404 Error Page. You can use every URL in your Site to display a Error Page. Or simply redirect to Homepage.

Offline Page Settings

Offline Page

We have also integrated a awesome Offline Page with a lot of Options. Optional Countdown, many Shortcodes, free Fields and much much more.

See the offline Page

Pro Options

CSS and jQuery Options

With the Pro Options you can easily compress the CSS or disable several jQuery Functons you do not need to save Bandwith with your Site.

Own CSS and Styles

It's so easy to add your own CSS and style the Template you like. There are two ways, use the build in Editor or create a user.css which will be loaded automatically and never overwritten due a Update from us.


In the Template Backend you can easily embed Analytics Code with one Click. Simply Copy and Paste your Code from Google Analytics, Piwik or any other Software into the Analytics Field.

Template Tour

Take the Tour

To get a better Overview over the Functions, Elements and Module Positions we have created a small Tour for you where guides you through the Template.

Take the Tour

Joomla Shortcodes

Joomla Shortcodes

We have included a awesome Joomla Shortcode System, the same as we ever use but we have brought it to a new Level, more Options and much more easier to handle. Also included is a Shortcode Button which appears at every Editor Area, open, choose Shortcode, Copy and Paste, done.

Accordion and Toggle

Feature: Accordion and Toggles

Toggles as Shortcodes, Accordion as Module, two different Types are available. Can be animated and 8 Color Schemes for the normal Toggles.


Feature: Alerts

Well designed and useful Alerts. Can be used to grab Attention and can be animated and much more. They are also used for the System Messages.


Feature: Animated on View

Well designed and useful Alerts. Can be used to grab Attention and can be animated and much more. They are also used for the System Messages.


Feature: Buttons

Awesome and very simple to use Buttons in 10 Colors. And best of all is that 3 Colors are fully by your own and can easily defined in the Template Backend. Open Links, Images in Lightbox, Animate them, Scroll to and much more is possible.

Carousel and Slider

Feature: Carousel and Sliders

You can easily create Sliders and Carousels with a lot of Options and endles possibilities. Activate Arrows, dotted Navigation, Auto Height, Speed, Autoplay and much much more to see.


Feature: Counters

With the use of a single and easy to handle Shortcode you can create Counters. Setup the Start Point, the End Point, Speed, Look and Feel, Color and much more. Can of course combinated with other Shortcodes.


Feature: Columns

It's so easy to have Columns with this Template. Use a simple Shortcode and you're done. Control Column Sizes for each Breakpoint, use equal Column Heights and even control the Gutter of the Columns.

Icon Boxes

Feature: Icon Boxes

Many different Types of Icon Boxes are available. Control Colors, Shape and much more. It's also possible to link the whole Element to a Link, Image, Smooth Scroll or whatever you want.

Icon Lists

Feature: Icon Lists

Use all available Icons to create stunning Icon Lists. Use different Shapes, Colors, Sizes and much more to explore. All easy accessable with the Shortcode System.


Feature: Lightbox

In the Template we have integrated the awesome Nivo Lightbox and modified the Look and feel of it. You can open the Lightbox from Buttons, Links, Iconboxes and more. Of course full responsive and working with Images, iFrames and Videos.


Feature: Image Overlays

There's also a simple Shortcode where you can create awesome Image Overlays. The Caption, Color, Icon and much more can be customized directly in the Shortcode.


Feature: Blocks with Parallax Image

With the Help of the Shortcodes you can create unlimited Blocks with a lot of Options. Give Padding, use solid Background Colors, Images or even Videos from YouTube.

Pie Charts

Feature: Pie Charts

Create easily Pie Charts that are made of a Canvas Element. Control Size, Color, Duration, Text Icons and more.

Progress Bars

Feature: Progress Bars

Also with the Help of the Shortcodes you can create Progress Bars in very Color. Use two different Styles, add Text or remove them and more. Of course also nice animated.

Pricing Tables

Feature: Pricing Tables

With our Pricing Table Module you can develope awesome looking and functional Pricing Tables in nearly no Time. Use the Shortcodes for the Columns to control how many at which Viewport appear.

Responsive Tables

Feature: Responsive Tables

We have integrated two awesome Solutions to integrate fully responsive Pricing Tables. Use the Bootstrap one or a nice jQuery Plugin simply by adding one Class to your Table.

Team Members

Feature: Team Members

With the Help of the Team Member Module you can create stunning Team Member Pages or for example place a Contact in the Sidebar.


Feature: Tooltips

By adding a simple Class or by adding a short Term to most Shortcodes you can create awesome looking Tooltips which are great animated.


Feature: Tabs

With the Use of a simple but powerful Joomla Module you can create awesome Tabs with a lot of Options. Easy to use and Shortcodes inside are possible.


Feature: Testimonials

Show the Voice of your Customers with three different Testimonial Shortcodes. Use a Image or a Icon and display them in a Carousel for example.


Feature: Embed Video and Audio

It's also really easy to embed Videos or Audio Players and they working full at a responsive way. Check the Demos and resize your Browser.


Page Preloader

With the help of a Simple Module Position you can enable or disble the Page Preloader. Let them show only on specific Pages or disble completely.

Mobile Menu

Mobile Menu

When Browser Space get's less the Mobile Menu comes to play. Choose at which Size it appears. It's working perfect on Mobile Devices.

Themify Icons and Font Awesome

To have a good range of Icons included we have installed Font Awesome and the great Themify Icons which can be used nearly everywhere. And of course you got a Button in the Backend to simply find the Name of it.

Check some Icons


Awesome Support

We love our Extension, Templates and our Customers, this is why we provide you with a awesome Support, also if you want to have some small optical changes, we can easily help. But please note, we don't support conflicts with 3rd Party Extensions.

Changelog of WS-Infinity Joomla

Version 1.0

+ First Release of the WS-Infinity Joomla Template

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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