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Our support policy and customer support details. There are several ways to get help with our Products and Services.

Thousands of customers have praised us for our incredible and fast customer service, simply because, you - our customers, comes first! Please have a look at the below Blocks how to get the fastest support, of course first have a look at the existing informations, cause this is always the easiest way to get help for our products and services.

Support Policy

Please read our support Policy first, here we describe the chance of getting support from us in various cases. This is a important Part for the support.


After reading the support Policy please have a look to the Documentation of the Template or the Extension if you find a answer regarding your question.


For the next Step please check our FAQ Sections where we regular post new frequently asked question about our Products and Services.

Useful Links

Here you will find a Collection of useful Links to start with Joomla, this section is frequently updated from us to match the line of time.

Presale Question

If you have any Questions regarding our Products please ask us before purchasing to be sure the Feature you're looking for exists.


For support, please send a E-Mail to and we will there provide you to help.

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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