Documentation WS-Sticky Sidebar Links

Check how the Sticky Sidebar Links for Joomla works

Screencast for WS-Portfolio Menu


  • 1.First of all, download the ZIP File from the Link you have get after the purchase and unzip it!
  • 2.Please login into your Joomla Backend, navigate to: Extensions Extension Manager.
  • 3.There you can choose and upload the 3 Zip Files, a success message is appearing after each installation.
  • 4.Please activate both Plugins

Basic Setup

  • 1.Please open the Module (found in Extensions Module Manager), set the Status to published and release it under the Moduleposition portfolio (this Moduleposition is not available, you have to type it in!).
  • 2.After that assign this Module in the Menu Assignment to all pages (for testing this is the safest way), save the Module and close it.
  • 3.Now please open an Article where you wish to display the Portfolio, and type in the Command for the loading of this Module {loadposition portfolio}, save the Article and the most work is done. When you're watching your Article you will already see the Filter Bar of the Portfolio if you don't haven't deactivated in the Settings.
  • 4.Please note: if you only see the {loadposition portfolio} as plain text you have to activate the Content - Load Modules Plugin.

Setup the Filter

Adding Items

Template Demo Extension Demo