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How to Update a Extension from WS-Theme when you receive a Message in the Backend

Maybe you have noticed this before, but Joomla has specifically for Joomla Extensions a Update Service. Sometimes you'll get a notice that a Extension has a newer Version.

Here is how you can handle this with our Extensions if a newer Version is available for Download:

Question: I get notified about an update of an WS-Theme Extension (Module or Plugin), but if I click Update, I get a error message saying 'Invalid Extension update'. Why is this?

Answer: Since most of our Extensions are commercial, you need to download the files from our server. Commercial files are not freely available.

If you want to Update the Extension, please have a look to your E-Mails which you have received after Purchase/Download. Simply click the Link, it will be valid for 6 months and will redirect you to the newest Version.

If the Link doesn't work anymore you have to buy the Extension again. If you have only lost your E-Mail and are within the 6 Months you can simply write us a Message in our Ticket System.

About WS-Theme

WS-Theme was founded by Oliver Mayer in the year 2012 in Germany.

From the beginning we're focused at Template & Extension Development. Also feel free to check out Wandguru, we sell high quality wall murals with great graphics there.

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