No input file specified

No input file specified on most Joomla pages

If you receive the “No input file specified” error message on front-end after a Joomla installation. It’s a problem from your Web Hosting and is popular for example on Godaddy servers.

The first step should be to login into your Backend and check the following Options:Global configurationSEO SettingsSwitch off Search Friendly URLs. Now all menu links should work fine.

Seo Settings in Joomla - No input file specified

But maybe you or your client need short links (SEF URLs), so make this steps:

It should help, but we don’t give you a warranty because each server settings are different and we doesn't provide help in Hosting & Servers
  • 1.Navigate to your Root Directory. There you will find a file .htaccess or htaccess.txt
  • 2.We recommend you to rename it from .htaccess to htaccess.txt (if not already done) cause for example on Mac the System use files that starts with a "." as System Files which aren't shown!
  • 3.Edit htaccess.txt with  Notepad++, Coda, Text Wrangler or with another editor
  • 4.Find the line that has “# RewriteBase /”
  • 5.Remove the “#” sign to uncomment
  • 6.Note: if your site is on a sub-directory the above should appear like this: RewriteBase /yourJoomlaRootFolder/
  • 7.Use FTP to copy the htaccess.txt file to your web server
  • 8.Rename it on your Server from htaccess.txt to .htaccess
  • 9.Enable few SEF options again in Global Configuration
  • 10.Refresh browser and check to see if it is working

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