Install using the Tmp Folder

How to Install Joomla Templates, Modules or Plugins through the Tmp Option

A often asked question is: "the Template or the Extension is not possible to install with the Joomla Extension Manager!" - this problem is frequently due to the hosting file upload limit being set too low.

One solution is to upload an extension via the tmp folder. This tutorial looks at how you can utilise this method to install Joomla Extensions or Templates.

  • 1.Download the extension archive to the hard drive.
  • 2.Extract the archive into a folder.
  • 3.Using FTP upload the folder and its contents to the tmp folder, which is found in the root of the Joomla site.
  • 4.Navigate in the Joomla Backend to the Joomla installer:ExtensionsManage
  • 5.Click the text Install from Directory in the second tab.
  • 6.In the “install Directory” input box type the folder name.
  • 7.Press install.
  • 8.Extension should now successfully install.

An alternative is to increase the hosting account upload limit (although this may not be possible with some hosts).

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