The Joomla Contact Form send no E-Mails

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In some Cases the default Joomla Contact Component is sending no E-Mail. This can have several reasons, here we describe one of it and how to solve it.

PLEASE NOTE: the sending of Mails has nothing to do with the Template, so we can't provide support for this

First of all, please make sure that you have entered the correct E-Mail here:

ComponentsContactsContactsYour ContactContact DetailsE-Mail

If your Contact Form is still not sending any E-Mails please make sure you have no Typo Error in your Settings of the SMTP. If the Bug still isn't solved we recommended you to use a Joomla Contact Module, in most cases the use of such a Module solves the Error.

Another way is the following:

Change this Settings in the Contact Component AND the suitable Menu Item: Session check: yes and Custom Reply: no

ComponentsContactsYour Contact FormForm TabSession check: yesCustom Reply: no MenuYour MenuYour Contact FormMail OptionsSession check: yesCustom Reply: no

Or use a Joomla Contact or Form Extension

The easiest way to send E-Mails through Joomla or develope complex forms is to use a Extension for this. There are many available and they changing fast, so choose one:

QL-Form   Extension Directory

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